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What should you know about the first visit?


For your first session, it’s often best to start with the classic Swedish massage or relaxation massage . It’s a gentle introduction to massage that reduces muscle tension, increases circulation, improves joint mobility and promotes healthy skin. We also offer aromatherapy massage with essential oils, deep tissue for muscle spasms, prenatal for moms-to-be, reflexology and more. You can discuss our spa treatment options in more detail with your massage therapist!


Before your session begins, we’ll discuss any injuries or medical conditions that could affect treatment. Then you will be given privacy to disrobe and lie down on the treatment table before the massage therapist enters; most massage sessions start face down. The sheet draped over you is for modesty and warmth. Only the area being worked will be uncovered.


The number one thing to keep in mind is that communication is key! We invite you to share your preferences, such as the amount of pressure or lotions used. Don’t be afraid to let us know which areas to focus on versus the areas that are ticklish, painful or uncomfortable.

Although massage is a new experience, try to release all tension from your body and muscles. Keep your breathing regular and enjoy this time to relax!


After your session, we’ll talk about how often you should get massaged and the different treatments that may be beneficial to you. Once you go home, you may experience slight soreness. These feelings are normal, especially after your first treatment. Massage forces blood into the muscles and the healing response can cause temporary inflammation. Stay hydrated, take a warm bath and spend the night relaxing.

Everyone deserves a little “me time” to unwind the mind and body. To learn more about massage therapy or make an appointment now ,

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Experience the powerful effects of the Deep Breath  Massage: long flowing strokes over the whole body that feel like a dance and help to release stress, leaving the receiver feeling whole, integrated and deeply relaxed, in a natural state of well-being. Intake, massage session and recovery take a total of 2 hours.

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