Thai Massage Amsterdam


Welcome to our Deep Breath Massage salon, we welcome you for experiencing a wellness treatment. We use different skills and methods to give you a  relaxed and meditative massage in accordance with DBM  healing. Our professional therapist will focuse on your sudden problems and  humours of your body to maintain healthy and keep away from sickness. We always happy to hear from you and thanks for your feedbacks and reviews.


 We are open daily from 9am to 9pm from Monday to Sun  by appointment only. If you would like to book a session please call 0685146299 Remember you need to make an appointment first, but we can usually fit you in within an hour’s notice.

As a testament to the high level of service that we offer here at Deep Breath Massage, we regularly have several A-list clients visit our salon and use our unparalleled services.

If you desire to receive a completely refreshing massage, performed in the beautiful surroundings of Amsterdam , by qualified and experienced beauticians and massage specialists, then DBM Massage is the choice for you.

Offering the highest quality in Thai massage and others  , we are highly experienced  to offer you the best services available.


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